6 Days. 4 Flights. 6 Drives. 3 Shows

9th May 2017

Today is Tuesday, and I have just arrived home from 6 days away. I have just made a lovely cup of tea, and now I thought I’d write a very brief run down of my travels and shows from the passed few days. Not the most riveting stuff. But nonetheless, here we go:




13:00 - Drive from Bristol to Manchester Airport. 


18:05 - Fly from Manchester to Dalaman, Turkey.


00:30am - Arrive at Dalaman Airport. Collect luggage and travel to the Sensatori in Fethiye.


01:50 - Check in, and drag my tired carcass to my hotel room and order room service. 


02:30 - Fall asleep with Club sandwich. 




11:30 - Wake up late and grumpy because I missed breakfast, and the breakfast is meant to be off the hook here.


12:00 - Eat lunch. It’s delicious.


13:00 - Practice in the dance studio


16:00 - Edit some footage from the practice into a silly video and do some admin. 


18:00 - Do a tech run at the venue. 


19:00 - Eat again. Seriously delicious.


20:00 - Sleep


21:30 - Shower and get ready for show. 


23:00 - Show at the Comedy Cellar with Dominic Woodward


00:00 - Sleep. 





11:30 - Wake up missing breakfast again! You can imagine my reaction to this. Livid. 


12:00 - Lunch. 


13:00 - Sit by the pool and go through last nights show and take notes. I hate doing this, but I’m starting to realise how important it is. But I still HATE it! 


14:00 - Had a mocktail, a coffee and a swim in the pool. 


15:00 - Practice in the theatre. 


17:00 - Gym


17:05 - Contemplate leaving gym. But then stay in the gym. 


17:40 - Leave gym. Shower and pack bags. 


18:30 - Sleep. 


19:30 - Eat dinner


20:30 - Sleep


22:30 - Leave room. Check out and get on our transfer to the airport. 


23:30 - Battle through Turkey’s many many layers of security checks, then wait for my flight. 





03:05 - Fly (on a plane) from Turkey to Manchester. 


05:30 - Arrive in Manchester. Get in car, and drive to Bristol. 


09:00 - Arrive in Bristol and get straight into bed. 


11:30 - Wake up. Shower. Hang out with Pippa. Unpack bags from Turkey. Repack bags for gig todays gig. Relax. Go out for Lunch with Pippa. 


14:30 - Drive to the Bristol Day of Magic. 


15:30 - Do tech run for the gala show. 


17:30 - Snack and watch some magic tricks. 


18:00 - Get ready for show. 


18:30 - Do show. 


19:30 - Head home. Unpack from todays gig. Pack for tomorrows gig. Eat.


22:00 - Sleep





01:30 - Wake up. Drive to London Gatwick airport


04:00 - Check in. 


06:05 - Catch a flight to Majorca. 


09:30 - Land in Majorca in one piece. Collect luggage. Meet my transfer to Pontur Monte Safari. 


11:30 - Check into hotel. 


11:45 - Eat lunch.


12:15 - Sleep.


16:45 - Wake up. Shower. Prep for show.


17:30 - Do my tech rehearsal with, luckily, a great technician called Richard who has already tech’d my show a few times in the passed at various venues. 


18:30 - Eat


19:00 - Sleep


20:30 - Wake up. Shower. Get ready for show. 


21:30 - Do show. 


22:30 - Pint and a toasted sandwich. 


23:00 - Pack up. Shower. Sleep





06:45 - Wake up. De-crust my eyes. Shower


07:00 - Breakfast


07:30 - Check out of hotel and get on my transfer to the airport. 


09:00 - Check in bags. 


10:50 - Catch a flight from Majorca to London Gatwick. 


12:30 - Successfully land in London. Collect bags. Drive to Bristol.


16:00 - Arrive home. Put kettle on. Write blog. 











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