Back in the game, ABC, Dudes.

19th July 2017

Since my last blog post, I have been gigging quite a lot, so I can officially say, I’m back in the game. I started gigging last Sunday at a private party. I am always a little cautious about talking about private parties publicly, because to me, that kind of defeats the purpose of making the party private. But all I am going to say is that it was great and there was ice cream!

The next day I was up at 2:30am (one of my least favourite times) to travel to the airport to fly to Portugal. I had performed at the Falesia Hotel in Algarve a few months ago, so it was nice to return to somewhere that felt familiar with a familiar team. The shows were fantastic fun, and I even included a couple of new bits with spinning balls that I am working on. What I discovered from this is that they still need working on! But that’s ok. Baby steps. 

Over all this gig was a ball. I even had chance to visit the beach! To prove it, here are my feet at the beach. 



I also filmed this trick. I first saw the forward roll into overhead throws performed by one of my favourite jugglers, Jay Gilligan. I later saw it performed by Sean Mckinney (another of my favourite jugglers) on some footage from a few years before. It is a great trick! Here is my slight variation by adding some other laying down tricks. 






I see a lot of people doing juggling tricks online, myself included, and I personally find it interesting not only to see the trick, but how the trick was either learned, or how many attempts it took to execute. Therefore I have started doing some “behind the scenes” footage of what I had to go through to perform certain tricks. Here is my behind the scenes for the beach room video:





And you can see my behind the scenes of a 7 ball bounce trick here:





About 6 months ago I tried, and failed to raise some money via a kickstarter project for an ABC Tour. It just didn't happen. However, the project is back on. I am not going to be doing it as a kickstarter, and I won’t be doing it by trying to get people to suggest different places, instead I am going to do it off of my own back. I already have A and B booked in the diary. C and D are pencilled in. It is definitely happening! So expect to see updates on this via social media and the blog. Good times! 



In other news, in the 7 ball bounce video above, I am wearing some shoes that are called Dudes. I tagged the company in the video when I posted it online and jokingly put the hashtag #hintingforasponsor. Within a couple of hours, the company were in contact asking me if I would promote their shoes in some of my videos. I am a juggler with a shoe sponsor. I never saw that coming. I have been called a brand tart, just for advertising something that I like. But honestly, I love the shoes, I got free shoes, so I really don't see the problem with it! Haters gonna hate and all that. I wear my dude shoes every day. They are comfy, breathable and perfect for travelling. If you want 20% discount off of a pair of Dude shoes, go to and type in the promo code JONUDRY20 when asked to do so. This offer lasts until the end of August 2017. 




That’s all for now. Cheerio!

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