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10th February 2015
I am still very new to blogging, and once again I have done a very classic thing which myself as an amateur blogger will call “a classic school boy blogger error”. I haven’t blogged for the past week because I have been too busy, and now I have too much to blog about! In reality, blogging doesn't take long, and I could've found the time in my busy schedule. But I didn’t. That’s my fault and I’m facing the consequences! 
If you are reading this, you will have realised that my blog has moved. Chris my web designer (www.desine.net) suggested that I move my blog to my website because it will help traffic and that makes the lollipop lady happy, or something like that anyways. He knows his stuff though, so I’m just going to trust that his suggestion is wise. So from now on my blog is here. 
What have I been up to I hear/imagine you pondering?! Well I travelled to the smiley part of France’s face, Calais, to perform in Gandini Juggling’s psychedelic juggling show, Clowns and Queens. We were in Calais for three days, two days of rehearsals and one performance. It was great to perform the show again, because the last time this show was performed was in March 2014. This show is so different from anything that I have been doing for the past year, so it was very refreshing and rather enjoyable to do. It was also lovely to be working with Gandini Juggling again. When I first moved to London in 2008, I worked a lot with Gandini for a few years. But due to other projects, both solo and with Beta Testing, I don’t get to work with them as much which is a shame. If it wasn’t for them, I probably wouldn’t be doing what I am doing now, so I am ever grateful for their support, and it was great to be part of the team again, even if it was only for a few days. 


Straight from Calais, I took the 7:30am train to Paris to catch a flight to Los Angeles. Here I stayed in a beige hotel for the evening, and boarded Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth cruise line in the morning. Jet lagged and sleepy, it was very refreshing to get onto the ship and to crash out in my cabin for a few hours. I joined the ship with the MacDonald Brothers who are a singing and musical duo who appeared on the X-Factor (whatever the hell that is?!) a few years ago. We we’re all very shattered, so conversation was very delusional. They had a great act and are super nice and talented guys too. My show was on my second day of the cruise, and the ship was rocky. Very rocky. We were in a storm! The shows went well, and the audience seemed to really like it, even though I couldn’t stand still because it was so rocky. About 10 minutes after the show, I was packing down my kit and the ship was rocking so much that the table that was holding my case, collapsed. Good timing. The day after my show the ship arrived in San Francisco. It was great to have a full day off in such a lovely city! I’d really love to go back there for some more time. 


Right now when writing this, I am in the sky, in a plane, somewhere between San Francisco and London. In fact I am 5 hours and 24 minutes away from London. I don’t know whether to sleep, or to try and stay awake. 
When I arrive in London, I will go home, unpack my things, pack another case, and in the evening I will be heading to Bristol with the Circus Geeks team to start rehearsing Beta Testing for the tour. More to come. It’s all go!


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