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16th August 2017

I recently performed C is for Castle at Usk Castle in Wales. Wow! What a night. I was a little anxious about this one for a few reasons: 

  1. This was the first show on the tour where I would go out and set up sound, lights and film everything by myself. 
  2. I had relatives coming to watch the show. Always more nerve racking.
  3. It was the first show on the ABC Tour outside of Bristol. So I wasn't really sure how many people were going to come. 

It turns out I didn’t have to worry about any of the above, and somehow, King of the Blags landed on his feet again and lucked out big time. 

I arrived at Usk Castle at around 2:30pm for a 6pm show. I thought I’d get there early just to suss it out. The Humphrey family, the family that booked me for the tour, live at the castle, and were unbelievably accommodating. Firstly I had a walk around the castle grounds and took as much footage as I could. They then lead me to where I was going to perform. Holy flipping moly. My stage for the night was the original gateway to the castle and included all the classics; killing holes, canons, taxidermy. It was perfect! I also noticed that they had already set up lights. Lights? Yes lights! It turns out, a friend of the Humphrey family, Steve, was staying at the castle, and just so happened to be a professional film maker, and had taken liberty to setting up some of his fancy shmancy lights. Amazing. Check it out: 

Steve, the film maker. What a legend. And a film maker? Yes, a film maker. That’s right, after basically not asking at all, he offered to film the show on his big awesome pro camera man camera. Jackpot. King of Blagsville has done it again. Steve, if you are reading this, thank-you big time!

I also had my Uncle Brian, his wife Rhinedd, my Great uncle Alec (he's 92!) and my dad's cousin (my second cousin?) Janet come and see the show. It was really nice to see them. 

Tom Humphreys, the guy that originally booked me, just happened to know a band that were doing a tour, and passing through Wales. He kindly asked if I would be happy for them to go on after me, which I had no problem with at all. The band are called the Happy Child Tour. Check them out here They have been touring Europe for the passed 7 weeks. Not only did they let me use their sound system (if I was a Harry Potter character I would be called Blagrid), but they also agreed to do a collaboration with me as the finale of my show. The finale of my show was something that I hadn't performed for 7 years: fire juggling. I have never been that keen on fire juggling. It hurts, it smells, it’s dirty. But for some reason it just felt hugely appropriate to do this at the castle. So the night before the show, I went to my mate Marky Jay’s house to have a little practice and to borrow some gear (thanks man.) The fire juggling finale, with the band playing live, went down spectacularly. I may even have to consider making it a regular part of my show. 

Next week is D is for Door shop. This is going to be a pretty fun one. I will be trying out at least 1 bit of new material here as well. Check out the details here:

I currently have up to D booked in the diary and it is starting to dawn on me that this is a lot more work than I first imagined. Not only am I doing the shows, I am also booking the shows, trying new material, promoting the shows, designing the posters (with help from Anton), filming the shows (with help from anyone I can grab), and editing the shows into videos. The problem with the tour is that it is quite a difficult thing to organise. For example, I can’t book F until I have E confirmed in the diary. One (or my girlfriend Pippa) might ask, well why do they have to be in order? The answer is, they don’t! But I am only planning on doing this tour once, and I would much much prefer for it to be in order. I am currently waiting on confirmation from a company for a very exciting E. It is 95% confirmed, but I can’t progress from this, or start advertising this until it is 100% confirmed. You will know as soon as I know. 

And finally, here is a brief video of the A is for Aquarium show:


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