Circomedia Week

5th March 2017

This week I have been teaching the intensive juggling week at Circomedia to the first years; 10 students, 1 week, many hours, enthusiasm overflow from the students, and my nonsensical notepad. I will try and upload the video soon, but I need to get permission from all of the students first. But in a nutshell, they killed it. They were all super attentive despite their juggling levels being very different and some of the classes being rather intense. Here is a brief run down of the week:


Day 1: Lesson 1

  • Exploring variations with 1 ball juggling. Looking at under leg throws, backcrosses, body bounces in depth. 
  • 2 balls: Exploring the space and time with the siteswap 420. 
  • Variations with the 2 ball siteswap 312.
  • Timing with 3 balls. Throwing off the beat and catching on the beat. 


Day 1: Lesson 2

  • Working in pairs. Working on variations of the mini pops 311p1, 211p1, 3p3p3p00, 42p13, and 331p3
  • Experimenting with throwing balls at each others chests and creating patterns between 2 people by swapping passing with chest bounces. 
  • Quintets working with patterns with 11 balls
  • Dectet with 21 balls. 


Day 1: Lesson 3

  • Create a 1 ball sequence and call it A
  • Add another ball to A without disturbing the path of A. This ball is called B.
  • Take away A and learn B individually. 
  • Add a third ball, C, to AB.
  • Take away A, to give you BC. 
  • Learn C individually. 
  • Breath. 


Day 2: Lesson 4

  • Ring passing in pairs.


Day 2: Lesson 5

  • Think of a joke.
  • Learn to juggle the words in the joke, by using one ball tricks.
  • Created the joke section for the presentation on Friday. 


Day 3: Lesson 6

  • Disprove the expression “Many hands make light work”. 
  • We created a piece where 10 people would make 1 cup of tea using juggling and manipulation


Day 3: Lesson 7

  • Experiment with juggling each others limbs in patterns. 
  • Created group juggling monsters using cascades and ball orbits.
  • Expand with some of the ball material we created on Monday. 


Day 3: Lesson 8

  • Work on some group water juggling tricks. A few years ago a created a water juggling piece for my show “Jon Udry Punches Gravity in the Face”. I wanted to expand on some of these ideas and to experiment with using many hands. 


Day 3: Lesson 9

  • Experiment with Electrocution toy. I have a toy that gives you an electric shock when you hold it. I wanted to experiment with using this with juggling. 
  • Create games with juggling that would determine a looser for the electrocution toy.

Day 4: Lesson 10

  • Start putting all of our research into a piece
  • Experiment with tracks and structure for sections


Day 4: Lesson 11

  • Rehearse rehearse rehearse


Day 5: Lesson 12

  • Do a couple of run throughs of the presentation. 


Day 5: Presentation

  • Present 30 minutes of new material. Tick!


This week was very enjoyable and the students absolutely nailed it. Alex, Graham, Callum, Gina, Ed, Dror, Emer, Lee, Juliette and Eilidh, well done! Hopefully the footage will be online soon. I’ll keep you posted. 


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