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14th June 2016

It’s been an eventful week or so since I last blogged and quite a lot of happened. 

I performed a very enjoyable open mic night for Bristol Underground Comedy. Such a lovely group of people. I don’t know why I was surprised, but all of the other acts were so respectful and supportive to each other. I got a real kick out of performing my comedy and juggling in a venue that was so small! I could touch the ceiling without going on tip toes. Very enjoyable.



Soon after this, I gallivanted to Basingstoke to perform at the Late Night Assembly Cabaret. It was lovely to share the bill with some really great acts. A real mixture, from burlesque to mime. A really enjoyable night with some genuinely lovely people.



After saying goodbye to the glitzy showbiz lights of Basingstoke, I trek my hind down to Exmouth to perform at Haven Devon Cliffs. When I was a kid, my dad took me and my brother to a haven sight to go camping*. I don’t remember the haven sight being anything like this one at Devon Cliffs. It was still a nice holiday, but I don't have any memories of ever being inside the complex or there even being a complex. However, this Haven was like the Vegas of the south west. It was huge. I was there as part of a comedy night for the owners of the properties on site. Some really great acts on and genuinely lovely staff. However, there was a microphone malfunction. My head mic stopped working, and one of the stage hands brought me a hand held mic. A hand held mic. I’m a juggler. You see my problem? This technical conk out led me to try something I have always wanted to try. A one microphone and two balls juggling routine whilst speaking into the mic. It worked quite well, so now I’m thinking of keeping it in. It turns out the fault was from my cheap and nasty headset microphone whom has now sadly passed away. But, I have some new material and a story. Every cloud, blah blah blah. Here is a stage selfie:


*When I was a kid, my Dad took me and my brother and sister on holiday. He told me and my brother to hide in the boot of the car because “It’s cheaper to stay at the campsite if they don’t know you are here as we wouldn't have to pay for you”. Why we had to stay hidden, under a cover, in the boot, from the moment we left our house, I don’t know. After an hour of driving, we ended up at a campsite. It was magical, exotic, exciting (Haven)! We had no idea where we were, but wherever we were, we were sure we were miles from home. One day when we were out camping in the “wilderness”, my dad phoned my mum to ask her to bring some pasties up. Mum arrived in less than 5 minutes. The penny had dropped. My dad had driven around for an hour to make us think we had gone somewhere exotic, but in reality, we went to the nearest campsite to home (about 3 mins drive away). My parents are legends.

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"To describe Jon Udry as a comedy juggler is like labelling Brendan Cole as a bit of a dancer. Udry's fusion of technical juggling and dry comedy asides to his audience provided one of the evening's many highlights. Young Udry would look great on television, but international cruise ship cabaret audiences are currently lapping him up by all accounts."

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