Door World Summary. And E....

22nd August 2017

I have just finished unpacking the car from my gig tonight at Door World in Bristol. That’s right, tonight was D is for Door Shop on the ABC Tour, and it went a lot better than I was expecting. I have to be honest, as I was setting up, I had a funny feeling that this would be the show that no one would show up to. I felt anxious. The show was due to start at 6pm.

5:30pm: There was no one in sight. I was thinking of various scenarios; no one turns up, if so, what do I do? Do I still do the show? If I don't do the show, surely that means I haven't done D on the ABC Tour, so I’d have to either do the show to no one, or find and set up another D hoping that people would come to that one. Brain is playing various tricks on me. 

5:40pm: 1 person turns up. Similar thoughts go through my head; do I do the show to one person? Would that make them feel weird? It’d be easier to do the show to no one than to do it to one person!

5:45pm: The staff at Door World were giving me slightly concerning looks. I’m sweating. 

5:50pm: People start to turn up!

In total there were just over 20 people. It was a really good night and the staff at Door World were very accommodating and complimentary indeed. Thank-you to Gary, Dave, Rob and Jemma for letting me do a show at your delightful door shop! Video footage coming soon. 

What’s that? Where am I going for E? Well, I am heading to Cornwall to the iconic Eden Project! I will be performing a show in the stunning Rainforest Biome. It is going to be a blast! See details below:

More details coming for future events soon. If you have any suggestions for interesting venues, please get in touch. 






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