E, F and H

15th September 2017

Eden Project! Wow, what a venue. Now, before I talk about how it went, I have a little confession. When organising shows for this tour, I had very strict rules on venues.

1. It can’t be a place name. For example, Norway, Cornwall, or Bristol.

2. It can't be a brand name. For example Ikea, Primark or Tesco. 

3. It can't be a type of place. For example an Indian restaurant is R for restaurant and not I for Indian restaurant. 

For E, I already broke one of these rules! I’m sorry. Eden Project is REALLY B for Biome. But come one, if the flipping Eden Project says you can do a show in their rainforest, and you are struggling to find somewhere beginning with E to perform a show, you are going to grab the living heck out of that oppertunity. Anyways, it was incredible! 

On Sunday, I arrived into Gatwick at 2am. After driving home, I arrived into bed at 5:15am. My show was at the Eden Project in Cornwall, 3 hours drive away, at 3pm. I woke up, after some shaky sleep, packed the car, and pelted it to Cornwall at a very sensible speed. 

My girlfriend Pippa was with me on this trip. She was a great help at filming, unpacking, packing, and feeding me regular snacks. She’s a corker. 

I managed to get special VIP parking right next to the biome and started unloading the kit inside. The two things you instantly notice in the biome is the humidity and the ants. Two things I am not a huge fan of, but I think this uncomfort lead to it being a more surreal experience. It was truly ace. Here are a few photos:

This show at the Eden Project was the biggest audience so far on the tour of approximately 120 people. I performed for 1 hour and was amazed that the audience stuck with it due to the heat and the ants! It was great to have my Mum, Dad, brother, sister, brother In law, my nieces and nephews, my cousins, my uncle and some mates there too. Thank-you very much for those of you that watched the show. You helped make this a truly lovely experience. 

F is for Forest! Well this was another cracking experience. I really do feel lucky to do shows in these astonishing places. The forest was the first logistical nightmare on the tour. But this is the nature of the beast tat is the ABC Tour. There was no power, as it was a forest, so we couldn’t use lights. Also, the nearest I could park was a fair distance from the forest. Lucky for me, Jenni Bailey was there. Jenni runs a great forestry school http://stoneburylearning.co.uk/ and had a solution for everything. The morning of the forest show, it was raining like crazy, and I was a little concerned that no one would come to the show. Jenni assured me that the weather would be fine by 6pm, and sure enough, it was. When I arrived to the forest, a fire was lit, and the soup was on. That’s right, they made soup! Brilliant. Jenni had also swept leaves to one side and attached some tea lights to trees to create a nice stage area. As for getting my kit to the forest, Jenni (of course), had prepared an off-road cart that I could use to get my stuff to the forest. She’s a gem. After wolfing down my delicious stone soup (it sounds gross, but it was delicious! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stone_Soup), I started the show for the people of the forest school, their parents, and a few other guests. It was a very tough environment, but this was soon forgotten about once the show started. The audience were really good and very appreciative. Thanks to Anton and Howie for filming. Big time thanks to Jenni for making this possible. 


We have a new date in the diary! H is for hairdressers. Below are the details. It’s going to be a belter. 

I am going to be honest with you, I am currently struggling to find somewhere for I. I have contacted a few Ice Rinks and the Ice Bar in London, but I am yet to hear back from any of them. I am momentarily stumped! If anyone has any suggestions, please do get in touch!

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