Blog - January 2015

Work In Progress

29th January 2015
Dry mouth. Sweaty palms. Pacing up and down like a lion trapped in a cage at feeding time. I do tend to get very nervous for any kind of performance, however today I did my first work in progress at Jackson’s Lane for my new solo show: “Jon Udry Punches Gravity in the Face”.
The audience consisted of the VERY VERY supportive staff of Jackson’s Lane (really, they are fantastic) and some OAP’s.

Studio day 1 of 2015

21st January 2015
I am currently sat at Jackson’s Lane theatre about to start my second day in the studio working on my new show. I thought what better way to start my day than to do a brief summary of my previous days’ events.

Meeting, Shows, Shows and Ageing

18th January 2015
I am still in the very early stages of my blogging life, and this week I have learnt a very valuable lesson: don’t wait until the end of the week to try and do a summary of the weeks’ events because it will be too overwhelming. Instead do shorter updates throughout the week. As a result of this, this week I have indeed left the blog for the week until today in an effort to try and summarise the weeks’ events, and I am hit with an overwhelming sense of regret for my lack of action. So I apologise that this weeks’ blog will be scatty.

Pie chart week 2, Bibi and Bichu, Gandini

11th January 2015
I have been a bit off of the radar this week with blogs etc as my laptop has been in the laptop hospital. But it’s all fixed now and ready for work.
My pie chart is coming along nicely. For those of you who didn’t understand my pie chart, there are details for it in last weeks post entitled “Life of a Juggler”. I had a few complaints about the pie chart donning the same colours which was a mistake on my part, but you’ll be pleased to know that this has been amended.

Life of a Juggler

4th January 2015
As I am sure you are aware, I am a juggler. If you didn’t know this, to be honest, I don’t know how you would’ve found this blog and I’d be very interested in knowing how you did, so message me as I may have just missed out on a possible promotional tool! Anyways, I am a juggler, and to the uninformed person this can mean that I spend my days juggling. Juggling all the time. In fact, sometimes they seem so surprised to noticed that I am not juggling when they see me.

Happy New Year

1st January 2015
Well that’s it. No more 2014. 2014 is now history. The seal has been broken for a brand spanking new year, fresh out of the packet, and I wish you all a very eventful and happy one.

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