Blog - June 2018

Sprain, R, P vid, Tim Key

19th June 2018

Good evening/morning/day all. I hope you are well wherever you are. I come bearing some news. Last week I was at a trampoline park doing some research (honestly) as to how I could do a juggling show on a trampoline. I wanted to look at the possibilities of doing T for Trampoline on the ABC Tour. In doing this, I sprained my ankle. Ok this isn’t actually true, but it is what I have been telling people because this is a lot easier to explain than the real story. The real story is as follows. Yes I sprained my ankle at a trampoline park, but no, I did not sprain my ankle on a trampoline.

MOAS, Brian Conley Tour

2nd June 2018

The thing I really love about my job is that it has it’s extremes. I adore the fact that one day I can be performing on a cruise ship to an audience of 2000 people on a massive stage, and then the next day, I am in my wellies, doing a show in a pig pen for 15 people and 12 pigs. It is very humbling. I had this same experience yesterday. But first, let me back peddle a bit. 

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