Blog - August 2018

S-Postponed, R-Training Vid, R

30th August 2018

Some very frustrating news. Unfortunately, the venue for S is for Snow on the ABC Tour could not solidify a date in time for the show, so I was forced to postpone it. They have assured me that they can make it happen so we are currently in the process of trying to organise another date and time. You are right, I could cancel it and try and find somewhere else. But, I really want to do a show in the snow, and I think this would look great on the tour. As soon as I have any news with this, I’ll let you know.

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"Juggler, standup comedian, and with a Faustian earned ability to defy the laws of gravity (unsubstantiated, but seriously... how else?), Jon Udry brings a stage show to make any circus ringmaster weep into his lion's mouth. Honestly, the man is like a mix of Bez and Magneto - big-fish-little-fishing his way around the impossible and back again.

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