First blog post. Brief summary of the past few weeks.

7th May 2014
This is the first time I have ever had my own blog in my life. I am not 100% sure on the “correct” things to write here, but I know for sure that some of you will find it interesting and some of you will not. I have started writing this blog for three main reasons:
  1. So that people like yourselves can read about what I have been up to with my work and you will be able to follow the process of the creation of any new projects that I have coming up.
  2. It will act like a diary for myself. I will be able to look back in a years time (providing I manage to carry it on for that long!) and see the path that I took to whichever present position I will be in at the time.
  3. I have heard from a number of friends that if you write a blog it can be very helpful for oneself to help solidly and clarify ideas in your own head!
So, as you can see two out of three reasons are purely selfish, and I do apologise about that. But hopefully you will find it interesting too! Before the blog starts (is this the pre-blog?), I’d like to alert you that a lot has happened recently and I’d like to cover all of it. So this first entry (still hasn’t started yet?) may be a slightly longer and fractured one.
Last month Arron Sparks, Matt Pang and myself did a two week residency as Circus Geeks in the Creation Studio and the Roundhouse Studio Theatre finishing in a 5 day sold out run of our show Beta Testing. Working with both Matt and Arron was very enjoyable and productive. We made a (in my opinion) great show and except for one night of technical malfunctions, the shows went very smoothly. We also got a great review from the Evening Standard and the Circus Diaries which you can read below. Hopefully we will be touring Beta Testing early in 2015.
Directly after the run of Beta Testing I started rehearsals for the award winning Gandini Juggling show, Smashed. I was in the original cast of Smashed when it started approximately three years ago. I since left Smashed in February 2013 after my 158th show, so it had been 14 months since I last performed it. Rehearsals were great fun, and I was constantly surprised at how ingrained some of the sequences were into my muscle memory. We performed at the Udderbelly on London’s Southbank for five very fun shows. I am now on 163 and will be returning to Smashed in Reimsheid, Germany on the 16th May to get my 164th!
I met Adrian Berry the artistic director of Jackson’s Lane theatre for coffee and was very pleased to hear that he is keen on supporting the creation of my new one hour show which I will be starting to create on the 19th May. I will be doing this alongside direction from comedy genius Andre Vincent and outside eyes from Allan Stewart, Arron Sparks, Sam Veale and Ian Marchant.

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