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8th July 2016

So it’s been a busy couple of weeks. Last Wednesday I drove my brothers camper van to Glastonbury festival. In writing, this sounds simple. In reality, this was one of the most hard core trips of my life. I left Cornwall at 7:30am on the Wednesday, I arrived at the gates of Glastonbury at 10:30pm. The gates were closed so the organisers put me and the van in a holding pen for the night. At the crack of dawn, I started to make my way onto the site. It took 4 hours. In these 4 hours, I was towed 3 times because of the mud! It was hellish!

But, once I was there it was, as expected, delightful. I was performing in the Circus Big top once a day, doing 15 minutes of comedy juggling. The team are always wonderful to work with and it’s always a pleasure to see them.

Here are a couple of photos from the shows in the big top. 



"Magical and mystical ballonery"

It was such a privilege to share the stage with some of my comedy juggling idols such as Steve Rawlings, David Eriksson, and Rod Laver. True legends.

"David Eriksson killing it"

"Steve Rawlings killing it"

My highlights from the festival were Josie Long, Kevin Eldon, Earth Wind and Fire and Abandoman. All fantastic. Abandoman gives me goosebumps every time I see them. Astonishing. Check out there stuff here:


Another non act related highlight was being big time stuck in the mud. I was as stuck as can be with my friend Katie. A big dude, came along and helped me out of the mud. I have never felt so 

emasculated in my life. And then, the big burly dude who got me out of the mud……got stuck in the mud! Wonderful moment. I helped him, then I was stuck. etc etc etc. It took 2 days to get to my van. 


So that was Glastonbury in a nutshell. Hopefully see you there next year. 


After Glastonbury, I came home for a couple of days, and then flew straight out to Katowice, Poland for the Ulicznicy Festival. I was greeted at the airport by this lovely sign. 



After a quick nap at the hotel, I headed to the location of the first show. One day one I was just doing a short routine to music in order to advertise my ‘real’ show for the next day. I did a short ball routine on the street with very minimal lighting. It was quite exciting and the audience were very nice. 



Day 2 of Ulicnizncyn: My full show. There was a storm forecasted for 8pm. My show was scheduled for 8pm. A tense day but you’ll be pleased to hear that the storm was delayed by 1 hour. I finished my show at 9pm, and the storm started. Couldn't have been a better finale really. 



"And they say juggling isn't sexy"


Day 3 of Ulicniznnzyznnp: The Variety show. This show consisted of a few acts from Poland, plus myself. There were some great acts, and it was really fun to work amongst them. I did a couple of 10 min sets, including my helium balloons, which went down (ha ha snort snort) really well. 


Day 4 of Uliznizzznnnizxnny: Home time. My flight was at 6:20am, which meant I was picked up at the delightful time of 4:30am, which, as you can imagine after the last night of the festival party, was slightly more difficult than normal. Lush. I fly into Luton, and then sleep in my car for about 1 hour. Then head to a “Secret Meeting” and “Secret Stuff” (hopefully more info about this soon). Then a long drive home back to Bristol. Crikey. 


So that was my Polish experience. Everyone there was so nice and looked after me a lot. Hopefully I will see you all again once day you lovely day. 


Then a couple of days were spent with my main mate and colleague Arron Sparks. We were rehearsing his new show Project V where I am replacing somebody. I am on the bench for V. It’s very exhilarating to work on the V and to practice some old school passing. Good fun. 


Finally, I performed yesterday in London at Club Silly down next to the O2 (not in). I was hosting the show, and there were some really amazing acts in the show. It was a very tough crowd, as there wasn't really much of a crowd. The stage was hidden by a grassy knoll, so not many people knew it was there! Despite the minimal audience, we kept our chins high, delivered the goods, and actually had quite a lot of fun! These shows are a good test of character. 



Thats all for now. More later. Peace out and stay lovely. 


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