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2nd February 2018

For this blog post I wanted to try and give you more of an idea of my situation whilst writing the blog. So, this week, I am going to be listening to music, and whenever the track changes, I’ll write the track I’m listen to in red writing like this. Just for a bit of fun!

(Hole in the Bucket by Michael Franti) I am currently sat at home, have poured a generous glass of malbec, and have given myself the task of writing this week’s blog. Here we go…

Last night I performed an ABC Tour show at K is for Knitting Club. Now before we go on, it wasn’t STRICTLY a knitting club. I mean, it was in a canteen of a tower block. However, every Monday night, if I can, I go to the Monday night Juggling Club in Bristol. This is just a village hall. However it is the fact that there are jugglers that makes it a juggling club. So therefore, for this show it doesn’t really matter where I am, as long as there were people knitting (and there were!), then as far as I’m concerned, it’s a knitting club. All be it a one off! (Wasting Time by ALO) 

For the show, my good friend Laura Curry phenomenally yarn bombed my mic stand! 

My friend Anton was here helping me with this one, which was super helpful. At 5:00pm we are let into the building by Kate (Kate was my contact for the venue who helped organise everything. She’s brilliant!). We had 1 hour before show time, so we cracked the living heck on! First things first, we set up cameras for time lapses and what not, and then turned this canteen into a venue, and before we knew it, it is almost show time! I am always curious as to the tardiness of Bristol audiences, and it puts me on edge EVERY time! The show starts at 6:00pm. At 5:55pm there were only 3 people in the audience. I was, as I tend to be before a show, assuming the worst, that no one else was going to turn up, and it is going to be the Jon Udry show with my audience trio. Then all at once, at 5:57pm, about 25 other people all came in! I physically felt my shoulders, neck and throat relax with relief. (Give A Man A Fish by Arrested Development) Who turns up to a 6:00pm show at 5:57pm?! My audience apparently! 

The show starts…..

It was a very surreal experience to see so many people in the audience knitting whilst I did my show. I encouraged them to knit! But then I also encouraged them to clap. I didn’t realise until about 30 minutes after the show, that this must’ve been quite confusing instructions for the knitters! My apologies!

(Hardgroove by The RH Factor)

“What were your favourite moments in the show Jon?”

Well I have two actually, thanks for asking. My first favourite moment was, half way through my diabolo routine, I threw a pre-set ball of wool to Anton who then unwound it as he took it to the back of the room. The wool now went from the back of the stage, over the audiences heads, and to the back of the room, maybe 20m away. 

I then ran to the back of the room, put my diabolo on the wool, and then let it roll all the way down the wool, over the audiences heads as they ducked or moved, and then caught it off of the end of the wool on the stage. 

This is quite a classic trick, but I have never done it, and this venue seemed very appropriate for it, considering the amount of wool we had!

My other favourite part of the show was the finale. One of my favourite jugglers, Jay Gilligan, has a great bit of material where he juggles balls of wool. (The Vagabond by Air) You can see it in this video here at 18 minutes 40 seconds.



I contacted Jay a few months ago and asked him if I could do a version of the wool juggling bit as my finale in the Knitting show as it would be such a perfect end! 

It was so cool of Jay to say yes. Big thanks to Jay for letting me do this. I did as I said, I told the audience about Jay creating the idea for this piece, and just so there was no confusion in photos or videos, I created a sign so that this could not be taken out of context. You can see the sign in the background of this photo. 

The way I wanted to do this piece was to juggle the wool and get in a right mess, as planned…

…but then I would keep going as I walked around, through, and over members of the audience so that the entire audience were also tangled in the wool with me. (Poor Man’s Shangri-La by Ry Cooder) It worked a treat! One could argue that this was a theatrical trick to physically unite us as one. It wasn’t that. It was just a lot of messy fun!

Massive thanks to:

Anton for filming, making the poster and helping out in general. 

Jay for giving me permission to use the wool juggling. 

Laura for decorating the Mic stand

Kate for letting us do the show there, for organising it with me, and for promoting it.

Danny for taking photos. 

Nina for donating some wool. 

Pippa for helping to make signs and for stopping me loosing my mind when I couldn’t work the glue gun with the wool. 

(Alcohol by Barenaked Ladies)

Finally, before I round this off, a couple of years ago, I took a pie chart of all of the things that I do that are work related. Cos I'm a cool cat. I logged in the chart how much time I spent doing each activity throughout the year, and then I would put it on the end of each blog as a little update. I have started doing it again since the start of 2018. Here it is below. 


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