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6th February 2018

Lots of ABC Tour news flying in like a bat; sneaky and erratic. First things first, L is confirmed. L is for Library!

I hope that soon, I will have a simple link that I will be able to include here and on the poster. But for now, if you want tickets, head to Bristol library or contact me directly. 

I have a few options for M at the moment, but I thought, for a bit of fun, I could go through some of the suggestion that I have had from you lot, and I will tell you exactly what I think of each one. Lets go!



Too creepy.


Noisy and no where for people to park


Plenty of parking, but not hugely challenging as I’ve been booked for shows in malls before. 

Maple Syrup refinery

I like this one, but I don’t think there is one in the UK. Not that visually interesting. 


I like this one a lot. It’d have to be a very interesting part of the museum.

Mountain top

Very windy. I struggle to get people to these ABC Tour shows anyways. I don’t want to make it extra hard for them by including a mountain climb. 

Mud Pit

I like it. I’m not sure the audience would though. 

Military Base

I like this one. But like with mall, I have been booked to perform at military bases before. 


I’ll see what I can do. 

Mens’ Club

I would hate the idea of excluding 50% of my target audience. 

Mine Field

What did I ever do to you?


A possibility.

Monkey Enclosure

I wish! If I’m allowed, then I’m up for it!

Mongoose enclosure

Don’t they kill snakes? Snakes kill humans. Moongooses (Mongeese?) kill things that kill humans. No thanks. Was it something I said?

Meerkat enclosure

I’d love to! But apparently they are also quite violent. Did I forget your birthday?

Maternity Unit

I can’t imagine a woman giving birth is going to want to see some juggling. I may be wrong, but I’m not willing to take that risk. 

Music Hall

These places are designed for shows. No thank-you!

Magic Shop

Magic shops are creepy. I’d prefer a morgue. 


Strong contender. I feel we could have a few late arrivals though. 


It has potential. M is going to be in April, and English weather is temperamental. 

Mosh Pit

Why don’t you do a show in a mosh pit eh?! My days of mosh pits are over. 


Whats the difference between a meadow and field. I could google it, but they mystery of not knowing is rather exciting!


I like this one a lot. I couldn’t find one in April. 


I feel this one could be a leaning towards the beige side of the rainbow. A tad dull. Would feel like just a street show I think. 


Could be fun!


I had to google this too. Basically a factory. Not visually interesting. 


A mansion is just a big house right?

Massage Parlour

I love massages. I couldn’t think of how to make this into a show. Surely a massage parlour, when a massage isn’t being given, is just a lavender scented dark room, right?


I have yet to come to a conclusion as to where we can do a show yet, but lets just say, some emails have been sent, and we have had some very promising responses! Details will come soon. 

And finally, another ABC Tour video is here. This one is G is for Gallery. So far this has been one of the toughest shows on the tour. Let me know what you think. 



A lot more info coming soon. 











Submitted by Plumsie on
If monkey enclosure is appealing then you could try contacting the Monkey Forest at Trentham Estate. They allow people to walk within the monkey enclosure there and host lots of fun days so it has strong potential. You may find props disappear though.

Submitted by Jon on
I've just check it out. It looks great! I've added it to the contact list for today. Thank-you!

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