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18th January 2015
I am still in the very early stages of my blogging life, and this week I have learnt a very valuable lesson: don’t wait until the end of the week to try and do a summary of the weeks’ events because it will be too overwhelming. Instead do shorter updates throughout the week. As a result of this, this week I have indeed left the blog for the week until today in an effort to try and summarise the weeks’ events, and I am hit with an overwhelming sense of regret for my lack of action. So I apologise that this weeks’ blog will be scatty.
I started my week by having a meeting with Ade Berry from Jacksons’ Lane* about my new show and solidify dates for my work in progresses and my premiere. It was productive and from this meeting I gained:
Rehearsal space for the next few weeks.
Knowledge of the existence of potato cakes. YUM.
In the evening I went to see the show called Knights of the Invisible at Southbank Centre Purcell Rooms as park of the London Mime Festival starring Iona Kewney & Joseph Quimby. An amazing show with more beauty and energy than words can describe. It consisted of crazy movement, dance, galavanting, acrobatics and aerial from Kewney and music, signing, presents and loop machines from Quimby. It really was better than I make it sound. I loved it. Check them out here:
Tony Law is one of my favourite comedians and I went to see his show “Enter the Tone Zone” on Tuesday evening. It was very good. But unfortunately it wasn’t great. I think this is partly because I have seen him many times before and it had previously been sensational. The first 45 mins of the show were very very funny, but what soiled it a little for me was the last 15 mins. It seemed like his finale was just a bit clunky, forced and basic compared to his normal high standard.
Like all of us, I am ageing. I turned 26 on Friday 16th January, but as I was going away gigging on Saturday morning, I decided to move my celebrations to Wednesday. It was lovely. I invited all of my friends to the pub, we drank, we danced, we ate bagels, and we laughed. I felt fantastic! And lets face it, that’s what it was all about: ME! My friends are lovely and I love you all. Thanks for making me feel special.
I went to see Gandini Juggling’s new show “4 x 4”. I was very excited to see the show as I had heard many good things about it. I have seen most of Gandini Juggling’s shows, and I have been lucky enough to have been in some of them. This was the best thing I have ever seen Gandini Juggling do…… EVER! It was beautiful, euphoric, meticulously crafted, funny and truly genius. It made me laugh. It made my cry. It made me gasp. It made the hairs on my neck and forearms stand up. It made me proud to know such talented people. But above all, it made me very proud to be a juggler. One of the best shows I have ever seen.
My birthday. I went for morning breakfast coffee with Sam Veale and Ian Marchant. It was delightful. Other than that, the days was just for me. I went juggling, drank tea, had a lasagne, a take away curry in the evening, and I did no admin. Good times.
I travelled up to Sheffield to perform at Cabaret Boom Boom. I had never been here before but I had heard very good things about it from other performers. It was lovely. There were 2 other acts Ria Lina ( and Elvis McGonagall ( The both killed it. Brilliant acts and I suggest you check them out. I did a 20 min set at the top of the show and it was very fun. It’s rare that I get to do gigs like this outside of London so it really was great. The Cabaret was in a community centre which a crew of about 10 volunteers impressively transformed into a show room in less than an hour. The show was a success and afterwards we all heading back to one of the comperes house where we we staying the night, to have a late night curry. Convenient, tasty, fun, and friendly!
I arrived back from Sheffield today. First class on the train as you can get an upgrade for £10 on Sundays. Boom. Tomorrow my parents are going on holiday and are flying out from Heathrow, so they are driving up from Cornwall today to see me before they leave. At the moment they are lost somewhere.
Now, I know this was very bitty. Next week my aim is to not leave it until the end of the week like at idiot. I have thought a little bit about Video blogging too. I might give it a try. Toodles!
*I don’t know if this is correct use of the apostrophe because I don’t know if it is the Lane of Jackson or not.

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