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9th April 2018

Well, what a crazy week. I have a lot to  talk about, so lets get cracking. 

I was cold, I was naked, were you there? Were you there? Statistically speaking, no you weren’t, unless you were one of the lucky lot that saw me perform at the Spielplatz naturist resort in St Albans as part of my ABC Tour. Is was my first naked show. There is a surprising amount of waggling, flapping and slapping that goes on when you are juggling naked that I did not expect. Also, I was on carpet, so every time I span around, it felt like it shaved off a layer of skin from the ball of my foot. Good times. 

Before the show, Dan the camera man and myself were naked, and Courtney and Anton were not. People started to enter the performance space, but there was one main issue. Nobody was naked except for me and Dan. Anxiety flooded through me. But finally, and thank fully, they casually disrobed. It was great to chat to the other naturists about their life style. Everyone was so respectful and full of encouragement. One person said that after a few minutes of being naked, you will forget you are naked and start to feel comfortable. In all honesty, I was naked for 4 hours, and I never for one moment forgot that I was naked and never felt comfortable, but it was a lot of fun!

After N for Naturist Resort, we packed the tour bus (car), and surfed the M25 towards the British Juggling Convention in Canterbury. I had such a good time performing in the Gala Show and sharing the stage with legends such as Steve Rawlings, Matthew Tiffany and Paul Zenon. I’m going to say it, juggling convention audiences are weird. But in a good way. I love how with a juggling convention audiences, generally, it feels like they are your mates. Lovely audiences, lovely time, love love love love love love. 

Next day at the juggling convention I taught a workshop, and then did a talk on the ABC Tour. This was really nice to do for me. I have never sat down and just talked about it and answered questions about it. The talk went on for 90 minutes! I didn’t know I had so much to say. But thank-you to everyone that came. 

Straight after the workshop I head to the stage to plan for the British Young Juggler of the Year competition which I would be hosting. I feel like the competition has changed a lot since I did it 50 years ago, but still it’s good to see so many talented youngsters get up on stage and show off their skills. 

Next stop, the British Origami Convention to perform O is for Origami Convention on the ABC Tour. Throughout the BJC, I was telling people about the origami convention and asking for people to make me things. Jugglers are good people, and I was overwhelmed by the amount of origami that people gave to me throughout the convention. This worked out perfect for the setting of our stage. 

I was very happy how the setting for this one turned out. It was better than I imaged. 

Thank-you to the origami convention for making this possible!

More news? Surely not. Oh yes sir/madame

After the unsuccessful attempt at trying to entertain the monkeys at the Monkey Sanctuary for M on the ABC Tour, we decided to try our cards at entertaining a different animal. Therefore, I am VERY pleased to announce that on the 12th May, I am going to be performing in a pig pen for pigs (and humans!). This is going to be a great one. Check out the details below. 

A massive thank-you to Anton, Courtney and Dan for their help with N, BJC and O. Another big thank-you to everyone at Spielplatz, the wonderful BJC organizers, and the Origami Convention organizers. 

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