NATYS, Monkey Trick

31st January 2018

I am currently sat on a train heading to Bristol from London after a very nerve rattling evening last night. Yesterday I entered my first comedy competition. This particular competition was called the NATYS (New Act of The Year 2018). I was very nervous about this for the entire day, and my wph (wee’s per hour) was at an all time high, almost to the point that I thought I might need medical attention. Giving the nature of what I do, I always tend to feel like the odd one out in the comedy club environment. The majority of the stand ups wore their everyday clothes and didn’t juggle, where as I wear a suit and I do juggle. The competition is out of 100 people (not all performing on the same night, this was over a few nights), and the judges need to whittle that down to 12 people for the final round. I have yet to here back from them, but I’ll keep you posted when I know. I think the show went really well in all honesty, but I’m not holding my breath as there were also quite a few really good acts there. I’ll keep you posted. 

On another note, I have started a little monthly video project. I have always wanted to learn a monkey trick. A monkey trick is when you do lots of things at once. For example, juggle some stuff in one hand, spin a thing in the other hand, and balance a trinket on your nose at the same time. A famous monkey trick is that of the very classy, Francis Brunn pictured below:

I will be documenting my progress of learning my own monkey trick in a series of videos that I’ll be releasing every month. Here is part 1 of my Monkey Trick:

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