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21st February 2015

I’ve only gone and done it again haven’t I?! What am I like (there’s no need to answer that)? I’ve only gone and not done a blog post for over 10 days because I’ve been so busy, and now I have to do a really long one to fill in what on earth I have been doing with my time. I’m a nut. So I apologise for the long blog post.

So I landed in London from a flight from San Francisco on Monday 9th Feb around 1:30pm and then speedily got myself home to unpack my bags, and then pack my bags again because at 7pm I was being picked up in the Circus Geeks car to travel to Bristol to start the pre tour rehearsals of Beta Testing. We were only doing Tuesday to Thursday this week as we all had other arrangements, but these were a heavy 3 days. I spent the 3 days trying my best to fight jet lag as I didn't really have any recovery time, and the rehearsal days were very long and hard work. But they were very productive and it was great fun to be working with Arron Sparks and Matt Pang again. They are gold. 

Thursday evening I drove from Bristol to Poole and stayed over in a lovely hotel by the sea.  I was in Poole for the next day to do a couple of juggling workshops in order to promote the Beta Testing show in Poole the following week. These we actually very fun. I’ve started to really enjoy teaching. Perhaps it is because I don’t do it very often. That evening I had a gig in Bristol at the Lansdown Cabaret, but before driving back to Bristol I thought I’d pop in to see fellow juggler and friend Pete Matthews as he lives close by. It was great to see him and to see his beautiful house and family. A truly inspirational man, who also has a good coffee machine and a tree house. A flying visit, is better than no visit. 

After a delightful cup of coffee and lovely chat, I was back on the road to head to my gig in Bristol. I have never missed a gig in my life. But this one I was cutting it very close. The show started at 8:30pm and I was still in traffic at 8pm. I arrived outside of the venue at 8:25pm, parked the car and ran to the venue to get backstage before the show started. No need for a warm up and an adrenaline rush, that had already kick in. The Lansdown Cabaret, I can safely say, was my favourite gig of the year so far. It was in a small room upstairs in a pub, and the audience were so attentive and enthusiastic. I was shocked that not only did I not need a microphone, but at points, I could whisper, and every single person in the room could hear me perfectly. I give the audience a 10/10. I recommend going to the cabaret if you are ever in Bristol. It happens monthly. As soon as I got off stage, I got straight in the car and drove back to London. I love the late night drives after gigs. I used to do a lot more of them but I don;t get the chance so much any more. I find these drives a perfect way to wind down. Also, I have read many books about comedians and entertainers doing these long late night drives, and it makes me feel like them, which is a nice feeling to try and live the lives of ones idols!

I arrived back into London at around 1:30am on Saturday morning. I slept. I woke up. Unnecessary information I know, but I would hate for you to get worried about those things. Saturday evening I was performing at the Aeronaut in Acton. Unfortunately though I felt very ill. I think the travelling had finally caught up with me and for most of Saturday night I spent it being very sick. However, I went to the Aeronaut and did the tech and run through of my act, which felt incredibly difficult! As show time came around, the inevitable and ever reliable Dr Spotlight paid a visit, and the show went great! More about Dr Spotlight another time. 



Sunday evening I travelled to Bristol again in the Circus Geeks car to have a couple more days of rehearsals before the tour. These rehearsals went very well, and the show was finally feeling very ready to take on the tour! But first we had to pack. Here is a a great picture of our equipment. 



The tour started on Wednesday in Bridport, then Thursday in Poole, and then Friday in Dorchester. All very lovely gigs and very enjoyable. The show still seems very new to us all but it is definitely feeling better and better each day. 




Last night we were in the Dorchester Corn Exchange and the technician told us that his record for the get-out for a show was 40 mins. We took that as a personal challenge. We had the how show in the van in 29 minutes! K’pow! Very fun indeed. 





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