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30th August 2018

Some very frustrating news. Unfortunately, the venue for S is for Snow on the ABC Tour could not solidify a date in time for the show, so I was forced to postpone it. They have assured me that they can make it happen so we are currently in the process of trying to organise another date and time. You are right, I could cancel it and try and find somewhere else. But, I really want to do a show in the snow, and I think this would look great on the tour. As soon as I have any news with this, I’ll let you know.

We have a new video! This is a training video for R is for Rollerdisco. This features the very talented, Aunty Rick. Filmed by Dan Edwards, edited by Anton Mackman and myself. I think this one is one of my most favourites yet. 

The roller disco is tomorrow. I'm very excited for it. If you can, come along. It's going to be a fun night!


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