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19th June 2018

Good evening/morning/day all. I hope you are well wherever you are. I come bearing some news. Last week I was at a trampoline park doing some research (honestly) as to how I could do a juggling show on a trampoline. I wanted to look at the possibilities of doing T for Trampoline on the ABC Tour. In doing this, I sprained my ankle. Ok this isn’t actually true, but it is what I have been telling people because this is a lot easier to explain than the real story. The real story is as follows. Yes I sprained my ankle at a trampoline park, but no, I did not sprain my ankle on a trampoline. At this particular trampoline park, they had all sorts of other activities, including an ankle-cracking assault course. They just call it an assault course for short. I was racing some friends on the assault course, jumped over a thing, and landed on my ankle funny to the sound of a tree branch cracking (ligaments) and then someone dropping a sack of potatoes (me). I got it iced, X-rayed etc and it is just a sprain, but boy does it hurt. It is now a week after the accident, and my ankle is no longer the size of a swollen tennis ball, and I can walk about a little bit without the use of crutches. I am still taking it easy and seeing the physio, but I am for sure on the mend. Unfortunately this means that I have had to change the date of the R is for Roller Disco show! So the Roller disco is now going to be on the 31st Aug. 

I am STILL waiting on hearing back from the venue for S on the ABC Tour. They are taking their sweet ol’ time, with MANY MANY emails. But once I get S confirmed, I know you are going to be chuffed to bits. 

In other news, we also have a new ABC Tour video. This is P is for Pig Pen. 

Thanks to Pippa Moss, Courtney Prokopas and Dan Edwards for filming and to Courtney for editing. Big thanks to all of the staff and pigs at Pennywell Farm for making this show possible. 

Finally, time for some reccomendations. I saw Tim Key’s live show the other day. Please watch it if is near you. It really is incredible. https://www.timkey.co.uk/. With Tim Key I do that thing that I hate when people do it to me. People say to me “I don’t normally like juggling, but I liked your show”. Well, I really hate to be this person, but I don’t normally like poetry, but I loved Tim Key’s show. In saying this, I know I am being wrong and ignorant. The truth of the matter is, I am well aware that I just haven’t seen or heard enough poetry! Tim’s show lead me to search for him on Spotify and I came across this fantastic album he recorded with a string quartet. Very good and very funny. Check it out here https://open.spotify.com/album/07uL89NGRNuSxgSXdnMpfi?si=IlE-SMhJS_-lhQlIJNNZtg

Thats all from me for now. 



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