Studio day 4 of 2015

27th January 2015

I’m, once again, sat in the foyer of Jackson’s Lane theatre, about to take on the Studio day 5 of 2015. I thought what better way to start my day than to reflect on what has happened so far.

I have had some help from Poppy Burton-Morgan from Metta Theatre, and from Ian Marchant (fantastic gentleman juggler). Both have helped wonderfully in different ways.
Poppy helped me try and find a different direction for the show and we worked on making a loose emotive structure. I found this very hard indeed, because no matter how one looks at it, it is a juggling show. I want it to be more than that and I want it to give a certain message, but as of yet, I am not 100% sure of how to do this. We talked about the difference between a show, a spectacle, and an experience. I want to create an experience. This proves harder than I expected and has left me feeling somewhat out of my depth. But I can only keep ploughing on and seeing what I can do!
It was fantastic to work with Ian. Ian is a brilliant juggler but in my opinion, and even better director. He seems to really get to the crux of certain scenes and asks me questions about the show that I can’t answer at this stage, which I think is a good thing. Yesterday I had Ian all day and it was incredibly productive (even though I stupidly forgot my laptop charger and we had to work old school, pen and paper). We pretty much finished two scenes of the show to a scratch night level, and still had a few hours to work on other future scenes.
I want to make the show that I would like to see, and I think it’s fair to say, I am finding the process quite difficult. Usually when I perform, I will do a section on say clubs which will involve club juggling with jokes. Then I will do a section on rings. These sections will have nothing to do with each other and will have no narrative or fluctuating emotions. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it’s just that that is a show, and I want to make an experience! Too tricky. I’m treading water in a pool of mayonnaise and I’m wearing a three piece suit, but I’m not drowning…. yet.

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