6th September 2018

A couple of days ago I performed T is for Trampoline on the ABC Tour. Man this was a lot of fun. I was a little apprehensive, you know, because of the trampoline and my lack of trampolining skills, but I am very pleased with how this went.

I have been training for quite a while for this show. Spending a lot of time bouncing and finding things I can do whilst trampolining, and even trying to learn a couple of trampolining tricks. We had about 20 people turn up, which is a good sized crowd for this type of gig. 

I created 2 new pieces for this show, and adapted a number of other sections so that they were trampoline friendly. I was surprised at just how tiring it was to do an hour show. I was more or less constantly bouncing, juggling and/or talking for this period. 

Two days later and I am still very achy. Yesterday was pretty much a right off. But I am still very glad I did it. I successfully landed 2 of my 3 flips!

I am not very pleased with this blog post. It all seems very bitty and unorganised. Basically, the trampoline show was a success and I’m excited to release the video in the next few weeks. 

A massive thank you to Freedog. Doug at Freedog is such a yes man. He has been very supportive of the ABC Tour ever since I suggested it to him, and immediately issued me a free membership pass so that I could practice for the show. Thank you big time. 

Thanks to Nat Whittingham for training me on trampoline. I still owe you dinner. 

Thanks to Anton and Pippa for being ace, filming and generally helping me out. 

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"Comedy juggler Jon Udry begun by making a balloon dog behind his back whilst bouncing a ball on his head. Who said "juggling is boring!"? Whoever said it has never seen Udry. His juggling is skilful whilst his humour was new and refreshing. A perfect act for a family audience."


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