W is for Window

19th November 2018

A few days ago I performed my W is for Window show on the ABC Tour. Yes I know, I should’ve written about it sooner, but to be honest, I’ve been very busy. I’m trying my best! 

For the window show my usual helpers, Anton and Dan, were not available. It was a couple of days before the show, and I was starting to get a little panicky as I would’ve really struggled to do this show on my lonesome. My anxiety was alleviated by my saviour, Will Huddy. Will is a student at Circomedia, and also a very nice and very talented guy. This show really would have been impossible without Wills' help. So if you are reading this Will, thanks again. 

I started packing the car at 9:15am. I have a mannequin, which I thought would be spot on to have in the window of the shop. Unfortunately, I had lost the pole that holds him up, but despite that, I decided to pack him anyways just incase we had a good idea with him. I live in a cul de sac with a lot of elderly neighbours. They are lovely, but they are also quite nosey. I would’ve loved to have known what they were thinking as I was loading the mannequin’s individual body parts into the car. 

I picked Will up at 10:20am and head into town. It turns out Will is also a coffee head, so we park up and get our morning bean juice at the http://www.departmentofcoffee.com/our-cafes/bristol Great place! After this we head to the https://www.galleriesbristol.co.uk/ (the shopping centre that I am going to perform in), and contact Cameron, the guy that has access to the empty shop. Cameron is ace. He is a such a yes man. He gave us free reins of the shop, and even managed, quite remarkably, to find a spare mannequin based. 

After emptying the car into the shop, we get cracking and set up the window. Unfortunately the mannequin stand was too big for my mannequin and it didn’t fit. I used this to my advantage and taped it to his leg so that it looked like a garter. Strong look. Garters are going to be big in 2019, you mark my words. 

The show starts. Or does it. It didn’t feel like a start of a show. My speaker was o the outside of the glass. But my iPad and microphone was on the inside of the glass. I was speaking in the mic, but i could only hear my voice. I played the tracks, but couldn’t really hear the tracks. When I was talking, I could see people listening, and responding, but I could hear nothing. So when I was juggling, as my eyes were pre-occupied, I felt like there was nobody watching. When I was juggling, everyone in the shopping centre could’ve left and I wouldn’t have known. It was an incredibly painful 40 minutes of my life. With the internet show, I performed a show on Facebook live. This felt really strange because I couldn’t hear any response. But I was in a room with 4 of my friends, so it wasn’t too bad. This time with the window show I was all alone. I could hear myself breathing. I’m sure I could feel my heart beating too, but maybe I am exaggerating. It was silent. Painful. And felt like it lasted forever. That being said, I didn’t hate it. I actually think it went pretty well. It was meant to be a tricky one, and it was. People watched, people communicated visually, we made some people happy and I performed in a shop window. Job done. 

Thanks again to Will for helping out. Thanks to Cameron for being such a yes man and making the gig happen. Thanks to Rob for lending me lights again.

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