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29th January 2015
Dry mouth. Sweaty palms. Pacing up and down like a lion trapped in a cage at feeding time. I do tend to get very nervous for any kind of performance, however today I did my first work in progress at Jackson’s Lane for my new solo show: “Jon Udry Punches Gravity in the Face”.
The audience consisted of the VERY VERY supportive staff of Jackson’s Lane (really, they are fantastic) and some OAP’s.
I started my WIP (work in progress) by talking about what the show is/was about, and where it is going. I talked about the stages in progress that I am at and the difficulties I have had. Then I started the show.
My first routine was my Teacup routine. This is the oldest routine that is in my show. I have been doing it for about 2 years. I dropped it a lot and did it the worst I have ever done it.
“Good start Jon, hit them with the good stuff at the beginning’, I embarrassingly thought to myself.
I think they liked it but I could’ve definitely done it better. Next I did a talk about being clumsy as a juggler. I think they liked this. I did rush my words a bit though and paced around like a tool. However, I think this will go over time because the script isn’t in my system yet.
Next was my helium balloon routine. During the routine, I felt a very palpable reaction from the audience, but I wasn’t very sure what it was. It was either “This is beautiful and we are stunned at the delicacy of it” OR “We are all so still and holding our breaths because we are nervous that if you mess this up, there is no way out!”. Well that’s what I thought it was anyways! I hope that they were feeling a mix of the two. I was very proud of this routine. I feel it went exactly how I planned it, but I know that I can improve on it a lot.
Finally, the last piece, I took someones iPod and improvised juggling to some of their tracks to prove the point that music choice doesn’t always have to live in the same part of the Venn Diagram as other tracks used in circus. This went very well indeed, but I need to figure out a better piece of text to lead into it.
Everyone who watch were very kind. I was very happy to perform it in front of a group. It just made me believe in the show a little bit more which I think at this stage, is only a good thing.
After the show, I talked through notes with Angela Gasparetto (another person who is really fantastic!) who will be helping me throughout my next section of studio time in April.
It’s all very exciting!

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