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21st April 2017

I’ve had a couple of really fun shows this week. I thought I’d just write a little about one today. I have performed at a couple of weddings this year, and I have learnt something about myself that I didn’t know: I love performing at weddings! The type of people that would want to book a comedy and juggling show at their wedding, are the type of people that I want to hang out with. Their weddings are always so much fun, always such a lovely group of people, and always so friendly. I performed at a wedding at the weekend, and the area that I was performing in was about 3 metres wide, and on the edge of the designated juggling area, was the wedding cake. I have never juggled so close to a wedding cake, and I tell you something, it cranked up the sweaty palms 10 fold. I kept having images in my head of my 6 ring pattern exploding so the rings fly into different directions, one of them slicing through the cake. This made for an edgy experience for everyone! The level of trust from the bride and groom to place me this close to the cake was drastically unjustified. It really was very enjoyable. 

I have a section in my show where I balance 8 cigar boxes on my chin and juggle three clubs at the same time.


I talk about how I will create the illusion that the boxes are magnets just by using juggling and manipulation, and I get an audience member, in this case the bride, to come up and help me. The boxes are on the floor, and the script normally goes like this:

Me: (talking to the volunteer) “Could you please confirm, for everybody here in the audience, that these boxes are NOT magnets?”

Volunteer: (They check the boxes) “Yep, they are not magnets.”

And we carry on with the show. However, this time, for the first time ever since performing this trick for about 5 years, the conversation went like this. 

Me: (talking to the volunteer) “Could you please confirm, for everybody here in the audience, that these boxes are NOT magnets?”

Volunteer: (They check the boxes) “Yep, they are magnets.”

Me: “What are you talking about?”

Volunteer: “Yep, they are definitely magnets?”

Me: “No they are not. The whole point of this bit is to proove they are NOT magnets. Why would you say they are magnets?!”

Volunteer: “Oh I thought you said they were magnets, so I was just trying to help you!”

Oh how we laughed! It was a great moment. It’s moments like this in a show that really make it a magical experience. It can't be recreated. It was a moment that everyone in that room share and experienced and it cannot be done justice by being filmed or even being retold, despite my efforts. Moments like this are what live entertainment is all about. 

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