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In A Row System

26th April 2017

The passed few months I have been practicing with a new system that I have created which focuses on solidifying juggling patterns and tricks. I call this system the “In a row system”, the reason why will become apparent. I have a few systems that I use, and they are like mini games that I play in order to make juggling drills a little more fun and interesting to execute. I will post other systems/games soon. I have had a few conversations with people as to how to explain it this particular system, because in my head it seems so simple, but when ever I try to explain it to anybody, I sound like a rambling maniac. Fantastic juggler, and good friend, Norbi Whitney ( and I had a long conversation about how to put it down on paper in its simplest form. Big thanks to Norbi for managing to decipher my many nonsensical messages and for simplifying the system. The In A Row System is great for solidifying tricks or patterns and getting them ready for stage. 

Firstly, choose a trick that you want to use. The trick needs to have a very clear successful end. By this I mean, instead of choosing 7 balls, you would choose 7 balls 20 catches with no drops. Or a 5 up pirouette, or 30 throws of 3 club backcrosses etc etc. 

Then, get a pen and paper and make two columns. The left column starts at 0, and the right column starts at 3. 


I recommend not trying the trick before the system. Don’t warm up the trick. This way, you will see what kind of level you are during the system. 

Now try the trick. If you succeed, you add 1 to the left column. If you fail, you add 1 to the right column. Once both numbers in each column match, then you have completed the game, and you can move onto a different trick. 

Below is an example of what it looks like after attempt 1 and getting the trick wrong. 



Below is an example of what it looks like after attempt 1 and getting the trick right. 

The best case scenario is you achieve your trick 3 times in a row. I limit the amount to 10 times doing the trick, or else you could go on forever and fatigue will kick in making the game impossible to complete. The worst case scenario is that you end up doing the trick 10 times with a bunch of attempts. If you can’t do the trick 10 times in around 10 minutes, then the trick is too hard for you to be using this system. So you should simplify it, or choose a different trick. Ideally you want a trick that you can do quite well. Once you get your head around the system, you don't really need a pen and paper, as you can quite easily do it in your head, but having a pen and paper is easier when you start out. Good luck!

Please let me know if this makes sense to you. I know this system really works well for me, but I’d love to know if anyone else finds it useful or useless. Get in touch with your thoughts.

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