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H, H ideas, I Ideas, I and hiatus

26th September 2017

Performing at the hairdressers was ace. Of course, pre show, I had the scheduled and predicted anxieties that nobody would turn up. Once the show was all set up, I took advantage of the venue and was treated to a lovely haircut as the audience walked in and took their comfortable, swivel-able and adjustable seats. 

Once my hair was properly fixed up, I was ready to go and I was pleasantly surprised to find a lovely audience ready for me. The audience was a mix of people I didn’t know, and a few friends, including one person, Agi, that I hadn’t seen in about 12 years. Agi pretty much kick started my juggling career when I was around 10 years old when I worked with a company called Jungle Bungle Jugglers. Thank-you to everyone that came, thanks to Anton for filming, and big thanks to Sam and everyone at Bearpit Shotgun Barbers for being so facilitating. 

I have been using this blog as a platform for showing my thought process in deciding which venue to go for on the ABC Tour. Below are some suggestions for H and my thought processes:


This was a good suggestion. Nothing wrong with it to be honest. It would’ve made for some good material. (I’m ashamed of myself after that.)



Would’ve been nice. But didn’t know of a good one. 






Because I am filming all of these shows, I didn’t want to do hospital. When I was in hospital a few months ago, I would not have wanted someone coming in, trying to entertain me and filming me. 



It’s getting to the time of year where anything outdoors cannot guarantee good weather. Also, very drafty. 



I didn’t want the audience knowing where I live. 



I spend a lot of my life in hotels not by choice. I didn’t then want to go and spend more time in a hotel, by choice, for free. 


Hippo enclosure

Hippo’s are the most dangerous animals in Africa. Saying that though, I am not in Africa, so maybe a hippo enclosure in the UK would be safe? I’m not sure how it works. 



Give me something I can work with here. 


So you can probably see why I went for Hair dressers? Below are a few suggestions for I:



This was my number one. As I am funding this tour by myself, I can’t really justify flying somewhere to go and do a show in an igloo, but I thought there must be an igloo in the UK made from fake snow or something. I couldn’t find anything, but if anyone is looking for a new conservatory, head to



This was a contender. I did think it was a little dull though. It was on the list but quite far down the list. 


Italian restaurant

I would count this as R for Restaurant.


Ice cream parlour

This was a strong contender. In fact, it was third on my list. 



Brand name.



Brand name.


Ice berg

Same reason as igloo, but would’ve been awesome.


Ice Bar

I contact the Ice Bar in London. They replied with “We have no need for a comedian. Good bye”. A bit cold I thought. What do you expect?


I have managed to book an Ice Rink! That’s right. I am going to be doing a show on the ice. Of course this comes with a huge amount of problems: ice, cold, ice-skates, cold hands, blah blah blah. But I’ll sort that later. The Ice rink gig isn’t until the 6th January 2018, but I will be releasing details of it very soon. 

As you may well have realised from the previous paragraph, the ABC Tour is now on a hiatus until the 6th January 2018. This is down to a few reason.

1. Now that the tour is far ahead, it means I can organise each show a little better, and I can promote each show properly.

2. From the 24th Oct until the 23rd Dec I will be away in Norfolk working in the Thursford Christmas Spectacular.

3. As I am not doing the ABC Tour for a few months, I think this will give me enough time to book up the majority of the tour so that people can organise seeing the shows a little easier, instead of it being such short notice.

That’s it for now. More coming very very soon!



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