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J is for Jail

12th January 2018

Despite waking up with a nose packed tightly full of snot and a gravely smokers voice (I’ve never smoked), yesterday was still a fantastic day. I started the day by running through the plan for the show that was to happen that night. It was J is for Jail on the ABC Tour. Routines practiced. Lists checked. Everything packed. Loaded into the car. Done. 

Before heading off to get ready for the show, I had to make a stop by Bristol’s BBC building for a radio interview with Claire Cavanagh of BBC Radio Bristol. I always feel like I talk very quickly on the radio. You be the judge. Check out the interview here (it is around the 1h 41m mark).

After this, I zoomed, at the legal driving speed, to go and pick up Pippa and Anton. Anton was dressed up as a prison warden and Pippa was on the door taking tickets.

The plan was to perform in the corridor area of the jail. However, as we loaded the equipment into the jail, Anton and Pippa came up with the idea of doing the shows in the jail cells, and moving the audience between cells to experience different parts of the show.

Initially I thought this was a great idea, but was skeptical about how we would do it logistically. If I were by myself, this would’ve been a right pain in the neck. However, with the help of these two, it was a very smooth operation. Thanks!

The audience were crammed in around me in the cells. There was hardly any room. The lighting was hard to see. It was perfect! A particular highlight for me was the ball bouncing section where I could throw balls off of the walls in the cell, above the audience members heads. 

Footage will be coming out soon. Thank-you to everyone that came along and thanks again to Pippa and Anton for their help. It would’ve been impossible without them.

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