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NATYS, Monkey Trick

31st January 2018

I am currently sat on a train heading to Bristol from London after a very nerve rattling evening last night. Yesterday I entered my first comedy competition. This particular competition was called the NATYS (New Act of The Year 2018). I was very nervous about this for the entire day, and my wph (wee’s per hour) was at an all time high, almost to the point that I thought I might need medical attention. Giving the nature of what I do, I always tend to feel like the odd one out in the comedy club environment. The majority of the stand ups wore their everyday clothes and didn’t juggle, where as I wear a suit and I do juggle. The competition is out of 100 people (not all performing on the same night, this was over a few nights), and the judges need to whittle that down to 12 people for the final round. I have yet to here back from them, but I’ll keep you posted when I know. I think the show went really well in all honesty, but I’m not holding my breath as there were also quite a few really good acts there. I’ll keep you posted. 

On another note, I have started a little monthly video project. I have always wanted to learn a monkey trick. A monkey trick is when you do lots of things at once. For example, juggle some stuff in one hand, spin a thing in the other hand, and balance a trinket on your nose at the same time. A famous monkey trick is that of the very classy, Francis Brunn pictured below:

I will be documenting my progress of learning my own monkey trick in a series of videos that I’ll be releasing every month. Here is part 1 of my Monkey Trick:

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"To describe Jon Udry as a comedy juggler is like labelling Brendan Cole as a bit of a dancer. Udry's fusion of technical juggling and dry comedy asides to his audience provided one of the evening's many highlights. Young Udry would look great on television, but international cruise ship cabaret audiences are currently lapping him up by all accounts."

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