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21st March 2018

A couple of days ago I performed in Bristol Central Library, and flipping heck tucker, it went spiffingly. We had a great turn out and such a lovely audience. The staff at the library were so facilitating and up for the show. They helped up move the furniture around (which I would of assumed we were not going to be allowed to do!), so that we could create a generous and luxurious performance area under a magnificently high ceiling. 

I did an hour long show, of which approximately 15 minutes was new material, including a routine with a book, some new ball spinning stuff, a few new jokes and stories, and a couple of poems. I’ve always been a fan of the performers who do lots of things. For example, Nick Helm is a comedian however, when you see his show it is not just comedy. It will include physical theatre, poetry, songs and audience participation. I love it. I love that whenever I see him live, I never know what to expect. I would love to head down that road a little more. This show at the library definitely confirmed my lust for taking my performances in this direction. 

I am pretty sure that all of my ball spinning jokes worked. This is a first for me as the material is still very new. However, I feel like it has been tweaked into a bit that works now. I am feeling particularly chuffed about this, because I'll be the first to admit, I am not a very good ball spinner. 

My favourite part of the show was talking about the book, The Complete Juggler, and referencing it throughout the show. You’ll have to wait until the video I’m afraid!

My other favourite part (I can have as many favourite parts as I want!) was performing the helium balloon routine. It has been a while since I have performed the helium balloon routine under such a high ceiling. The balloon ascends at such a smooth and silent pace, whilst unaware of its detrimentally to the routine. It reminded me why I do this routine. 

Big thank-you to Polly and all of the staff at the library for making this show possible. Also, massive thanks to Dan, Courtney and Anton for filming, helping with everything and for keeping me sane. 

The next show on the ABC Tour is M for Monkey Sanctuary where I will be trying my hand at performing for monkeys as well as humans. Check out the details here:

Surely you don’t have more news for us Jon? Yes I do! We have a new ABC Tour video out. J is for Jail. This is a fun little video. Filmed by Pippa Moss and Anton Mackman. Edited by Courtney Prokopas. Juggled by this guy *gestures two thumbs towards his chest*.

More news, we have another show confirmed on the ABC Tour. O is for Origami Convention. We have managed to make an agreement with the British Origami Convention, that I could do a show at the convention. Pretty cool eh?! Details below. 

We have some pretty sweet ideas lined up for P and Q, but until they are 100% confirmed, I can’t let you know. Sorry buddy. However, we have started planning ahead to R. Below are some of your suggestions and my thoughts on them:

Rose garden

This could be quite nice visually, but not a massive challenge. 


Very challenging. I like it. the problem with it would be traffic noise, parking and the fact that when you are on a roundabout big enough to do a show on, it doesn’t look like a roundabout. A possibility. 


I confess, I have never been on a rollercoaster. I want to but i’ve just never been around a places where I could go on one. So maybe this is my chance.

Roller disco

I love the idea of this one. 


Too easy. 


I like this idea, I’m looking into it. 


I love this idea too. It would be very hard to organise. 


I love the idea of doing a show on the radio. It is on the list. 

Race track

This is quite a good idea. To be honest, I just don’t feel very passionate about it and think we could better. 

Rubbish dump

I love this idea too. Robin Gunney suggested I could do a show only using stuff I find at the rubbish dump. I like it. 

So many good options!

Sorry to go on about it, but if you have been enjoying the shows, posts, blogs, videos, photos, updates etc. Then we do not get a penny out of any of it, so feel free to donate to the ABC Tour Check out the link to see the rewards.


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