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K Video, S Options

29th March 2018

Hi blog readers. I have a new video for you. It is K for Knitting club. Check it out here! 

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So far we have booked up to O on the ABC Tour. We have 99.99% booked P but I don’t want to really let you know what it is until that last 0.01% confirmation comes in. I’ll give you a clue though, it is in Devon and it is on the 12th May. As for Q, we have this one 100% booked, but it feels silly to tell you what it is until we’ve told you P. I know, these stupid rules I am giving myself don’t help. Q will be in Bristol, on the 13th May. I’ll let you know what these two are next week. We are looking into R today…..

So we are trying to figure out which would be the best place to perform S. Below are some suggestions and my thoughts on said suggestions: 


I would enjoy a show in a sewer, but it’d be tough to get anyone to want to come. 

Shoe Shop

A little too easy

Sofa Store

Same as shoe shop and not visually interesting


People do shows in stadiums all the time. There for it is of no interest to me in this tour. 

Swimming Pool

I love this one. I want at least one show on the tour to be water related. 


I love the idea of doing a show in a shop, where all of the props are from the shop. 


I love this one too. I think this would be very funny. 


I’ve done shows at beaches before.

Steam room

I love this one too. 

Sunday school


Strip Club

Quite possibly. Would be tough to film and it remain suitable to put online. 

Slaughter House

No thanks. 


Would love to. You got a submarine I can go on?

Sex Shop

No thanks. 

Septic Tank

As delicious as this sounds, I just don’t think it would work. I’m hungry. 


I’m open to it. How?

Solar System

Already done it


A show on the street? How novel?


I did a hairdressers


Not very interesting, but very easy access. 



Skate Park

One of my favourites so far. 


I have done many many shows on ships. 


I have done shows at schools before

Science Museum/Lab

A science show would be fun!

Sealife centre

I did an aquarium

Snooker hall

Quite possibly. There are lots of snooker tricks too. 


Maybe with a  band


I like this one. 


So many choices! I’ll keep you in the loop. Bye for now. 

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