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Sorry. Cruise. Pigs. Quiz. N Video, Aeronaut, Acaster, R, Monkey 5

29th May 2018

Hello bloggernauts. Firstly, I am sorry. I am sorry for not blogging more. I have had a lot going on, and this SHOULD have been when I should blog. But I’ve been tired. I am only human! The fact that I have had a lot on, unfortunately means that if I was going to write a blog on the many exciting things I’ve been doing, then it would be a short novel. And no body wants that. So what I am going to do is go through all of the fun things I’ve been doing, and whiz through, with little details, sometimes even bullet points, and only mention the highlights. Here we go!



  • Went on a cruise from Southampton-Guernsey-Isle of Portland-Cork-Dublin-Greenock-Kirkwall. 
  • It was ace!
  • Shows very well received. 2 full standing ovations. Plus about 7 minutes of new material worked a treat!
  • Met a Mexican family who were awesome. 
  • Ate at a Tepanyki restaurant. 
  • Met up with Toby Walker in Dublin. 
  • Met up with Arron Sparks and Lauren Hendry in Greenock for a walk.

  • Lovely time on the ship. Hopefully I’ll get some more in the diary. 


Thanks to Gary Parkes for getting me this cruise gig. 


P is for Pig Pen

  • Performed in a pig pen as part of the ABC Tour. 

  • It went as well as you would think a show in a pig pen would go. 
  • I didn’t take into account how loud pigs are. 
  • I also didn’t take into account that if I lay down with them. They might bite me. They did. 

  • Really lovely day out
  • I think the show was a success.
  • Thank you to Dan Edwards, Courtney Prokopas, Pippa Moss and everyone at Pennywell Farm for making the show possible. 


Q is for Quiz

  • Performed at a quiz as part of the ABC Tour
  • I hosted the quiz and performed my show in between various sections. 
  • Courtney Prokopas wrote the quiz and we came up with a few games and challenges for the quiz teams to do. I feel like the challenges and silly things were what the audience/quiz teams enjoyed the most and what I enjoyed the most.  
  • I was a little disappointed as to how it went. I feel like I would’ve liked to have made it a little more silly, with easier and dafter questions. I know I didn’t write the questions, but it really felt like I was doing someone else’s quiz, which I was! 
  • If I ever do it again, I think I’d like to do things a little differently. 
  • Overall, I think it was a success.
  • Thanks to Anton, Dan, Courtney and The Canteen for making this possible. 


New video!

New video! N is for Naturist Resort. Let me know what you think. 






Had a cracking time performing at the Aeronaut in Acton this weekend. Always such a lovely night there. Thanks to Jackie Le for the booking. 


James Acaster

  • I saw James Acaster at Wells Comedy Festival
  • He spent an hour telling the audience how much he hated Wells, the Wells audiences and Wells Comedy Festival.
  • It was one of the best things I have ever seen. That man is a genius. 
  • If you haven’t already, please watch his specials on netflix. They are ground breaking.


New ABC Tour Date. 

R is for Roller Disco! Check out the details below. 



New Monkey Video. 





Here is a link to part 5 of my Monkey trick video. This is part 5 of a video series of the process of learning a particular trick. Check it out. 


I am very jealous of the type of people that can write a blog post every day. I would love to be that person. I feel like my life isn’t interesting enough! But I guess that is all part of the challenge of blogging everyday, trying to find things to write about. I may try it though for a bit, who knows? One of the main reasons I blog is to get better at writing. If I have lots of things to write about, I write less and I write lazily. Note to self: I should blog more often, just to ensure that I practice more, and that I don’t have to try and play blog catch up. Who knows, maybe I’ll do another one tomorrow?

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