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MOAS, Brian Conley Tour

2nd June 2018

The thing I really love about my job is that it has it’s extremes. I adore the fact that one day I can be performing on a cruise ship to an audience of 2000 people on a massive stage, and then the next day, I am in my wellies, doing a show in a pig pen for 15 people and 12 pigs. It is very humbling. I had this same experience yesterday. But first, let me back peddle a bit. 

My mate Anton Mackman and myself have set up a comedy duo. We are the Men of All Sports. Check out our stuff here

Our first gig was a couple of days ago. The issue was, we were booked for different places. I was in Gloucester and Anton was in Chatham. So instead of Men of All Sports, we were Man of Some Sports. But hey, a gig is a gig. So there I am, dressed as a referee, doing my thing, on a Thursday afternoon, in Gloucester shopping centre. To be honest, it was actually a lot of fun and it finally gave me a good platform to work on this trick. 



The next day, I coffee'd up and packed the car to make the LONG drive up to Manchester from Bristol to perform alongside Brian Conley in the Palace Theatre. 

What a gig. Performing with Brian is always a lot of fun and such an honour. Tonight I am performing the same show in Stafford, and then tomorrow in Dartford. I’ll keep you posted. 

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