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Photo shoot

8th July 2018

Yesterday I did a photo shoot for some new promo photos. I was really stressed about this one to be honest. I had been planning this photo shoot for 9 months (seriously!) with my photographer buddy, Beinn Muir ( Beinn took my most recent promo photos a few years ago out about in various locations in Bristol. I thought I'd use Beinn again for photos as I think we work well together and we are good at generatiing ideas. He's also a nice dude. At this current moment in time, I have yet to see the results from the photoshoot, so I may be taking those kinds words back. In all seriousness, he's ace. For this particular shoot, I wanted to do it in a studio. I personally am not a fan of the type of studio shots where it is just a guy (OR GAL) standing there posing. For me, this doesn't tell me anything. I wanted to create photos in a studio, that I wouldn't be able to create outside of a studio. Therefore, using the ultimate amount of studio-ness. To do this, I needed some help, and my usual culprits (Pippa and Anton) were busy. So I called upon Emma Saunders to help me out. Emma was also ace! This shoot would not have been possible without Beinn (obviosuly) and Emma. Big thanks to you both. 

As well as running about, silly stringing, and blowing bubbles, I also left Emma in charge of my phone to take behind the scenes photos and update my Instagram story (I still don't really know how to do that properly). Here are some of the behind the scenes photos from the shoot. 

Emma setting up Balloon Forest. 

Me unsuccesfully hiding in Balloon Forest.

Beinn papping my in Balloon Forest. 

Me giving up on this Balloon Forest nonsense. Taking a little cactus nap. 

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