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18th October 2018

Yesterday I performed U is for Underground on the ABC Tour. For this show I performed in the Wookey Hole Caves as part of the caves tour. As people were being guided around the caves being educated about the geology, they’d have a little 15 minute break in the cave tour to watch my show, and then carry on the rest of the tour. I really enjoyed doing a short show a number of times. It was quite a novelty. 

In total I performed my show 4 times. I had planned 15 minutes of new material, most of which went down really well. However, I have these flying toys which are battery powered and only go up and down. They have a light sensor on the bottom, so when they get close to a surface, they fly upwards again. I had created a routine which I was going to perform in the caves, and I had charged the toys up fully (and their spares!). But for some reason, they would absolutely loose control and go haywire in the caves, to the point where one of them landed in the caves’ lake. I was miffed. I had no idea why this wasn’t working. Until about an hour afterwards. They are light sensative. The caves are dark. I am a foolish baboon.

I was really happy with my new ring routine, which used an app on the iPad called Beatwave. This is an app used to creative music live. I’m looking forward to going through the footage for that one. 

I had a lot of help with this show. Dan was filming, Luke was taking photos and Anton was doing everything else and filming. Thanks guys. You are great!

A massive thank you to Wookey Hole for allowing us to do the show.

Next show on the ABC Tour is S is for Snow. Next Friday! Details below. 

Bye for now!

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