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X is for Xmas.

12th December 2018

A couple of days ago I performed X is for Xmas on the ABC Tour. Before I go into the details that you are gagging for, let me give you a bit of a run down of the pre show events. 

Initially the show was meant to be on the 6th December and was labelled as X is for Xmas Market. For this show I had organised to do a street show at Bath Xmas Market. I did mention that it was December didn’t I? Who on earth would organise an outside event in December in the UK? This doofus, that’s who. Of course, the inevitable happened, and the show was cancelled due to the rain. At this point I am panicking. There are only a small selection of days that I can perform a Xmas show, and booking at this short notice is going to be a nightmare before Christmas, but with less singing. Luck would have it that I remembered that the guy, Cameron, who worked at the Galleries shopping centre in Bristol, was very helpful when it came to me doing my W is for Window show there. He stayed in my mind as being a real yes man. I called him up and asked if I could perform a Xmas show, free of charge, in the Galleries. Classic Cam went ahead and okayed the whole thing within a few hours. The show was then back on for the 10th Dec, but this time, instead of X for Xmas Market, it was simply, and somewhat vaguely, X for Xmas. Sure it may break some rules on the ABC Tour, but you know what? They are my rules, and sometimes they’ve just got to be broken. Massive thank you to Cameron for sorting out the show at such short notice. 

The shows themselves I think were a success. I had a bunch of new routines, including cigar boxes, a Xmas tree balance, and my new head bounce and skipping trick, and they all went, more or less, to plan. 

Massive thank you to the audience that came along to see the shows. Your support is always appreciated. Big thank you to Anton Mackman and John Godbolt, who were dressed as elves, for helping out with carrying, loading, filming etc. 

This is now the last ABC Tour date until after April next year. I am going to be in Australia from the middle of February until April, and I think it would be good to get a little break from the tour to do other things for a couple of months. I’ll be keeping you up to date, as per, with any details I have in about the ABC Tour, and other exciting projects. 

In the mean time, if you don’t hear from me before, stay safe, be nice and have a lovely Xmas! Bye for now. J

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